Fiscal Impact

Rising temperatures and sea level, more extreme weather events, and increasing flood-prone areas will result in adjusted home values and home insurance rates.

In California alone, climate change is expected to cause $300 million to $3.9 billion in real estate losses annually.

This is a huge range due to uncertainty in climate models and the societal decisions we have yet to make for reducing climate impact.

Uncertainty makes some people skeptical about global warming predictions. 

Uncertainty makes insurers more cautious as it’s difficult to predict what to prepare for.

But with both scientists and insurance agents increasingly convinced, continuing to bet on a “no-big-deal” will still financially impact you. 



Climate change can greatly impact your home value even if you don’t live immediately within an area that has to deal with floods, fires, beach erosion, and other natural events.

Counties and towns may increase property taxes as they associate higher costs with protecting their infrastructure and residential communities.

Adjusted property values. Higher insurance premiums and property taxes. Less demand for waterfront homes.

Calculating risk has always played a part in real estate. Premiums have been going up and it seems inevitable that they 

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