Blog 5: Are Warmer Average Temperatures Bad?


Short answer – It depends on your personal preference!

Long answer – Temperatures are rising in most locations nationwide. For some, this may be great, but the implications of a warmer climate may carry a heavy toll. For example, in an article by Grist Magazine, they breakdown what specific U.S. regions may expect over the coming years. A warming climate may cause the:


  • Southwest to be even drier and hotter (yes, it can get hotter there)
  • Pacific Northwest will get warmer and become increasingly subject to wildfires
  • Northeast will experience more mild winters
  • Southeast will become more humid and subject to increased severe weather events.


Choosing where to live is already difficult, and even more so when considering a location with respect to weather and preferred long-term climate. Keeping this is mind, The Mortgage Reports now indicate that prospective homebuyers should not only be seeking locations that meet their current climate preferences, but be thinking about how individual locations will change over the next 30 to 50 years (we are thinking about that 30-year mortgage you will be signing soon enough!).


Know before you buy! Identify projected average temperatures, as well as many other climate factors, in your prospective locations with a RealChange Report – Know your risk!


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